Humanitarian Work

I started volunteering in disaster related projects way back in secondary school/high school as a member of the Red Cross Youth Council through the collection of relief goods and training in Standard First Aid Training and Basic Life Support. This volunteering spirit stepped up to post-disaster recovery, when I volunteered in assisting communities to dig up homes affected by a landslide at the foot of Mayon Volcano in 2006, and in laying the foundations of resettlement houses of affected families. After that I was thrust into assisting camp management and relief distribution in 10291778_10202143912219425_2647656631706216591_nour local parish when Typhoon Ondoy struck Metro Manila in 2009 and in succeeding relief operations by the parish. Later in 2012, I was responsible for relief distribution during Habagat 1 in one city in MM. In the same year, December; I volunteered at the Davao Regional Social Welfare and Development Field Office to augment staff for M&E and relief distribution for Typhoon Pablo. The following year I volunteered to be sent off to Leyte for temporary duty in response to Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. I was briefly the operations M&E Officer, then delegated to assistant area coordinator for the Municipality of Palo, Tanuan, and Tolossa. In week three of the relief operations for non-food items (shelter), I was assigned as Area Coordinator for Buraen and Tabon Tabon to establish operations there until another staff could take over. While managing these areas, I was also the Volunteer Manager tasked in the recruitment, training, and organization of local volunteers that could assist our operations. After my duty in Leyte, I was shuffled back to my local programming but I volunteered to train under the Manila Summer Safety Institute of the Manila Chapter of the Philippine Red Cross. Recently, I signed up to volunteer for the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s pool of emergency responders in preparation for the West Valley Fault “The Big One” ground shaking in the National Capital Region.

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