EnP (Urban and Regional Planning)

  • Drafted academic article on hazard impact analysis using WebSafe, a derivative of InaSafe.
  • Created a poster for Poster Presentation on community based disaster risk reduction.
  • Developed National Roadway and Waterway Network Map for the National Urban and Development Housing Framework.
  • Developed basic watershed and stream analysis of private real estate property in El Nido, Palawan.
  • Developed basic location maps of private real estate properties in Palawan and Camarines Norte.
  • Created thematic static maps of Barangays with beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in NCR.
  • Developed location maps of critical service facilities under health and education sectors
  • Lectured on Development of IEC Materials for Disaster Awareness during the 3rd ASEAN Youth Volunteer Program for DRR Leaders. Mentored 50 Youth Leaders on implementing Disaster Awareness programs for school children, youths, and adults.
  • Developed Humanitarian Logistics Routes in Quezon City with regards to 100 year flood levels
  • Chapter Co-writer, 4th National Urban Development and Housing Framework, Philippines (Urban Infrastructure & Basic Services, Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Planning, and CCA/M
  • Lectured on Urban and Regional Planning Concepts and Theories, Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners – Coaching Session, 4-5 June 2016
  • Lectured on Research principles, ethics, and techniques to Redesign Manila
  • Provided Technical Assistance to 7th Civil Relations Service Group, AFP, Project 1M Seedlings
  • Developed Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan analysis for Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
  • Reviewed Social and Economic sector of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Sta. Rosa City
  • Prepared institutional analysis of the City Planning and Development Office of Taguig City, MM
  • Conducted Solid Waste Management Practices and Awareness Survey of Barangay Escopa I, QC
  • Developed strategic review of Sta. Rosa City’s Strategic Agriculture and Fisheries Development Zone (SAFDZ)
  • Delivered short lecture on Coastal Management Planning and Transect Planning
  • Conducted critical case study review of Davao City’s Comprehensive Land Use and Development Plan (CLUDP)

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