The Green Lantern C…err The Climate Reality Leadership Corps

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In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might Beware my power–Green Lantern’s light!” – Green Lantern Oath

The Climate Reality Project recently conducted last March 14 to 16 the 31st Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training for at least 400 people from more than 50 countries to become heralds of truth about Climate Change and the Anthropocene influence on burning dirty fossil fuels. I was one of the few who was privileged to attend this event that was presented by leaders and renowned experts in the field of climate science and education. Plus, former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore was the main presenter and trainer for three days.

The training would have been a Green Lantern Corps convention less the green rings; if not for everything that can be classified as Green from ensuring that sustainability and waste reduction principles are followed in food and beverages served (vegan meals for three days), energy use, training kits to its noble mission of advocating for climate change reality leaders in a world that is confused or misdirected by organizations that have a high stake of maintaining the status quo in the fossil fuel industry. I am reminded of the Green Lantern Oath for we are in the days that the effects of climate change to weather related phenomena has caused destruction on human settlements and disruptions in the food supply chain. The Philippines is no stranger to these hazards. If there will be no one to take the mantle of communicating the problems that humans have caused to our ecosystem; then it is inevitable that future generations will suffer more than we have experienced to date. 

Table 39 and 40 Group Photo (I’m the guy on the left of Sister Rea Joy in the Middle). Mr. Scott Countryman is on the far left of the photo.

Table assignment. At the beginning of any conference, training, seminar, or workshop; finding out who are your table-mates for the duration of the event incites excitement or anxiety because meeting new people with the same interests can become your colleagues or friends for a long time at the end of the event.

I was privileged to be seated on Table 39 among exceptional and kind Filipinos from diverse fields. Among the group was a seasoned Academic, a committed government scientist, an enthusiastic Legislator’s representative, a idealistic Attorney, a devout Sister of the veil, a young Environmentalist, a concerned Financier, a green Volunteer, a passionate Beauty Queen, and me; an Environmental Planner/ Urban and Regional Planner trying to pursue my purpose in the scheme of things.

The exchange of ideas and experiences was a great mix during the table sessions and we were guided by our Climate Reality Mentor, Mr. Scott Countryman from The Coral Triangle Conservancy.

Mr. Al Gore presented the full version of his slideshow about Climate Reality in two hours, yet; it did not feel like it took that long because he was able to communicate effectively through an engaging narrative. He took us into a journey that allowed us to take in the essential arguments and facts about Climate Change. It was watching a master paint his latest masterpiece. Every stroke, every brush, every tone, image, pitch, and movement had a purpose; an intent that will drill into one’s being the very essence of what is at stake. For three days, we dissected each section of the presentation and clarify facts on how to present the arguments to the deniers. 

There are 3 pivotal questions asked in the slide show;

  1. Do we have to change?
  2. Can we change? and
  3. Will we change?

These questions are meant for the audience to reflect on while they are listening to the presentation. The training provided the climate reality leader the tools to communicate these questions to any willing audience who wants to know about climate change. Hence, the obligation of Climate Reality leaders to perform at least ten (10) Activities or Acts of Leadership within one year of completing the Climate Reality Leader Training.

These acts of Leadership or activities could be any of the following: give a presentation about climate reality in your local context, organize an event related to climate change education, participate in an event, blog post (: , news article, an op-ed letter, media appearance (ahem!),  host webinar, contact influencer, meet with influencer, mentor or assist.

If you want to know more about the Climate Reality Project or become a Climate Reality Project, head on over to or if you want to invite me to speak about Climate Change, feel free to drop me an e-mail at

So, do you believe that climate change is real? and what you should do about it? Post your comments below 😉

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