Taguig City Hazard Impact Assessment

Recently, Project NOAH released an online tool that can assess Hazard Impacts from 5 year, 25 year, and 100 year flood return models. The tool can calculate the effects of the hazard layers on either the population or building infrastructure. WebSAFE as it is called is easy to use, one just needs to select 1 hazard layer and 1 exposure layer, then with one click it processes the information and produces an instant summary and .pdf report than can be downloaded. This tool will aid disaster risk reduction and management planners on their contingency plans. Although it has limited capability compared to its source software, InaSAFE; it is still useful for giving the user an overview of the potential effects of natural hazards to population and infrastructure.

In this case, data as of February 8, 2016 a total of 5,560 buildings will be affected in case of a 100 year flood affects Taguig city. 127 buildings are exposed in High Hazard areas, 4,438 in Medium Hazard areas, and 995 in Low Hazard areas.

screen capture from 100 year return flood HIA

In a 25 year flood return scenario, of the 10,493 buildings in the database, WebSAFE calculated that 5,030 buildings will be affected. 113 in high hazard areas, 3,312 in medium hazard areas, and 1,605 low hazard areas.

screen capture from 25 year return flood HIA

Possible courses of action from this data could be a thorough ground validation of affected areas, and assessments of structural integrity of buildings affected. This information will also assist planners priority areas for evacuation.

For more information, please refer to the information and links below.


A.M.F. Lagmay. (2012). Disseminating near real-time hazards information and flood maps in the Philippines through Web-GIS. DOST-Project NOAH Open-File Reports, Vol. 1 (2013), pp. 28-36. ISSN 2362 7409

A. Duncan, P. Hogarth, E. Paringit, A.M.F. Lagmay. Sharing UK LIDAR and flood mapping experience with the Philippines 73-75. International Conference on Flood Resilience: Experiences in Asia and Europe. 5-7 September 2013. Exeter, United Kingdom.



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