Welcome to Boondocks and Cities!

Good day!

My name is Francis Josef C. Gasgonia, I’m an Environmental Planner (Urban and Regional Planning), Curator, and Board/ Card Game Designer. Welcome to my blog, this was created as a journal for my thoughts and wanderings about life, philosophy, adventure, Kali, and of course all about the Boondocks and Cities. I hope you enjoy what you read, and feel free to share or violently react to whatever I muse about.

Thank you and looking forward to engaging with you.

All the best!


  • Kali – (Pekiti Tirsia Kali) one of the indigenous blade combat system that originated in the Philippines that uses swords, knives, sticks, empty hands, and other weapons of opportunities; created by the Tortal family in the Panay and Negros Islands.
  • Boondocks – rough country filled with dense brush, a rural area. origin from the Tagalog word = bundok or mountain, boondocks was used to describe the jungle guerrilla terrain by US servicemen that fought during the Filipino-American War.
  • Cities – dense agglomeration of people and infrastructure that is basically a center for commerce and trade, education, governance, and industry.

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